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A huge number of you have probably encountered the same situation with meal prepping that I have. You don’t put faith in your workplace, buddies, or eateries to have the meals you require, so you diligently prep meals to bring with you all over you go. You wind up with duffel bags and backbacks loaded with meal prep containers. Then again, you wind up with food squashed into your work clothing and filthy socks touching your eating utensils.

The clever and properly named Six Pack Fitness has came up with an answer for the health conscious athlete. An excellent meal prep bag intended to help you transport your meals, supplements, workout shakes, and then some.

The Innovator 500 Series measures 17″x 9″x 13.5″ and weighs around 5 pounds. This bag carries up to 5 meals. The Innovator 300 Series measures 17.5 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches & 6.4 pounds. This bag carries up to 3 meals.

It is made from polyester and ballistic nylon. To be perfectly honest, its pretty darn smooth looking. While it comes in four colors – blue, hot pink, dark, and black – the black is by far the best color in my opinion. Inside the bag is lined with a reflective, cooling material to keep everything fresh and safe.918N8uSJGOL._SL1500_

The bag itself consists of:

  • Front compartment features the core system with removable shelves
  • Two insulated side pockets for shakers, drinks, and other tall items.
  • Top compartment for supplements, utensils, and other small things

While the Six Pack site says the racks in the front compartment are “adjustable,” that isn’t the word I would use to describe them. They are removable, and they are additionally not attached at the base of the bag, so they can be packed down if you need to put a deeper meal prep container below. However, the shelves are sewn into the straps that suspend them in the compartment, so to me they don’t appear to be able to adjust.

The 6 Pack Bag Innovator 500 is loaded with two gel packs, an organized supplement container, and five meal containers. And the Innovator 300 comes with 3 meal containers. The supplement compartment is great. It can be totally customized; you can change and move the little dividers to suit your needs.417IL5VbvPL

The Six Pack Fitness website says that all the holders are BPA/PVC free, microwave protected, dishwasher safe, and leak proof. I for one never microwave anything made of any kind of plastic, so I can’t identify with how well it does in the microwave, yet we’ve run these compartments through the dishwasher various times now with no issue. Also, my spouse has been utilizing this bag every day and has not even once said any leak issues, regardless of what kind of meals we prepped for her.

The ice packs do need to lay level in your freezer to have the shape to fit again into your bag properly. On the upside, they freeze shockingly quick, so if you throw them in the freezer every night when you return home from work you’ll have no issue utilizing them again the following morning.

The one thing that disappointed me about the 300 bag was that the side pockets don’t fit 4 shakers/bottles. It does fit two next to each other, yet not two stacked on top of one another (for an aggregate of four). Given the requirement for pre and post-workout shakes, and BCAAs amid a workout, that can mean a great deal of containers and it would have been pleasant to have the capacity to get four arranged in the side pockets. It’s only a tad bit too short for that. It does however fit any two jugs, one next to the other.

meal prep bagsOn the upside, the vertical side pockets do have removable Velcro vertical dividers that help keep the items sorted out in case you’re placing smaller things in there that you don’t need getting squashed. Isn’t that the general purpose of a stunning bag like this, correct? No more squashed bananas at the bottom of your duffel bag?

Overall this is an incredible system and one the best meal management bags out there. It is not your typical meal prep lunchbox! It does precisely what its intended to do, carries everything from supplements to a whole day of meals, and it looks smooth enough that everyone at the health club or your office is going to ask you where you got it.

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