6 Pack Fitness Review

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A fitness lifestyle takes discipline and dedication. This calls for the use of smart designs, the right education and cutting-edge fitness techniques to help elite and health-conscious people to meet their fitness and nutrition goals. This is where Six Pack Bags fit in. They are masters of creating functional, attractive products and apparel, for the serious minded athletes and gym lovers.

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Six Pack Fitness

Six Pack Fitness – Meal Management Bags

Overall the 6 Pack Bags are great meal bags. They do exactly what they are designed to do. The hold everything from supplements to an whole day’s worth of meals. Every person at the gym or your work is likely to ask you where you got it.

Athletes that are consumed with targeting their macros and keeping their nutrition on point will LOVE the 6 Pack Fitness Bags. The company was founded with the mission of creating an innovative meal management system for elite athletes, bodybuilders, and gym lovers. Six Pack Bags provide users with all types of fitness meal bags, luggage and meal management bags to ease travel. 6 Pack Fitness has unique meal bags that keeps nutrition in the mind of an athlete. Bags available for the elite athlete include; Expert Beast Duffle, the Expert Renee Tote, the Expert Expedition Backpack, Camille Sports Tote, & the Innovator 300 and Innovator 500.

The meal bags from 6 Pack Fitness are designed to be used with your workout routine, busy lifestyle, with meal prepping. The meal bags are of great quality. The bags work well for what they were designed for and keeps food cold for a long time. An athlete can travel effortlessly with the 3 – 6 meals, sports nutrition products, and supplements. Better than any other fitness lunch bunch out there.

The Innovator 300 & 500

6 Pack Fitness has shown passion and commitment to making fitness and nutrition to be easier than ever before. The Innovator 300 and 500 series, a perfect 3 meal or 6 meal bag.

This is a high-quality bag that is meant to assist you transport your food, workout shakes, supplements and more. The bag can be completely personalized where the user can remove and rearrange the little dividers to suit your needs. The meal prep containers used for the 6 Pack Bags are BPA/PVC free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe and leak proof.

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  • Preloaded with up to three or five independently accessible snap lid containers
  • Carries up to 3 or 5 meals in an adjustable core system that includes a zippered utensil pocket
  • Preloaded with a supplement container for organizing supplement pills and energy bars
  • Comes with two gel packs to keep meals fresh for more than eight hours
  • Comes with two adjustable insulated side pockets to carry four water or shaker bottles
  • Ballistic Nylon
  • Leak Proof

You can additionally fit some clothing and towel in this bag, if you choose to use the top or side compartments for that purpose.


  • Take your meal on the go using separate compartments.
  • A quality meal system that makes planning of your meals easy
  • The bags are of superior quality
  • There are many storage units for meals
  • There is extra exceptional storage area for supplements/vitamins
  • Available storage area for shakes and fruits
  • Additional area for ice packs

six pack fitnessCustomer Feedback

Customers, mostly from Amazon are contented with the design, pricing ad capabilities of the bags. The meal prep containers are of high quality and the gel packs are perfect. Independent reviewers from different review sites gave an honest opinion and review of these bags as being top-notch and designed with nutrition and ease of use in the mind of the user. The ratings are quite high in the range of 8.6-9.5/10. These bags are a must have and highly recommended.

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