How To Meal Prep For The Week

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Learn How To Meal Prep For The Week

Hi Pals!

Trying to figure out how to meal prep for the week? Well this is a great little article on meal prep for dummies & beginners….so none of you have an excuse! lol jk! I’m gonna show you how to do an easy meal prep right now!

meal prep for the weekYou guys recognize I’m nuts about Sunday Food prep, right? You people know I’m wild concerning Sunday Food Prep, right? I’ve written several posts about how to prep meals in the past, plus each Sunday I post my prep from the week prior, along with inspiration coming from many of my readers! It would seem like more and more individuals are hopping on board the food prep train and I couldn’t feel more delighted about it! It is a passion of mine to show others how to do meal prep.

A couple of months ago, I had written an article on a high metabolism diet plan and I thought I’d take this opportunity to express my feelings on a few of the best foods to prep ahead of time to help you through your week!

So here are my Top 10 Sunday Food Prep Ideas:


1) Snacking veggies – Raw vegetables make an awesome snack. They’re simple to prep ahead and you could throw them inside your lunch box, the kids can snack on them after school or you could delight in some while making dinner!

  • Try carrots, broccoli, peppers, snap peas as well as cucumbers. They’re great with hummus, yogurt ranch dip, etc
  • I peel and cut my carrots and store them in a tupperware with some water. Every day I run cold water over the remaining carrots and change the water.

2) Breakfast Foods – There are tons of great breakfast options so you don’t need to spending some time cooking each morning that you can make ahead of time. This additionally gives you no reason to skip breakfast!

  • I make a batch of Quinoa Breakfast Bars every and pre-portion them into ziploc bags so hubby can simply grab one on his way to work.
  • Place Instant Oats in a bowl and microwave each morning or a large batch of steelcut oats within the crockpot that you can reheat every day if you like oatmeal, you can prep some “instant oat” packs that are pre-measured so you just have to dump them.
  • If you want eggs, try making some breakfast burritos for the freezer or some egg sandwiches like these or these.
    In the event that you like baked goods, make a batch of hearty muffins like these Cranberry Sweet Potato Cottage Cheese Muffins.

3) Whole Grains – It’s easy to cook up a batch of your favorite grain to have on hand. Cook it on and add to meals during the week every sunday.

  • Try rice that is brown quinoa, farro, amaranth, wheatberries, etc
  • Also don’t be afraid to make your own bread. It’s easy to do.. Homemade Corn Tortillas or some Dutch Oven Bread!
  • We suggest the Artisan Bread in five minutes Per Day cookbooks if you’re looking to get more homemade bread recipes.

4) Snacks – It’s important to have snacks that are healthy hand as you are able to turn to throughout the week. You will find loads of snacks that will ahead be made from time for you to help keep you from reaching for unhealthy choices.

  • Take to Healthy Microwave Popcorn, trailmix (add lots of nuts and seeds and a little fruit that is dried energy balls like these Pumpkin Pie Balls,
  • No Bake Protein Bars, Sweet Potato Bites or Chocolate Dipped PB Popcorn Cups.

5) Greens for Salad– I’ve found that having salad greens washed and ready increases the chances that we’ll consume a salad every with dinner night. You should use leaf lettuce, spinach, kale etc.

  • To get ready my greens, they are cut, wash well, spin dry and store in a ziploc bag with a paper towel. Remember to press away as much air as possible each right time you start the bag.
  • Then rub it with a few lemon juice and coconut oil and shop in an airtight container if you’re prepping kale, wash and dry it.

6) Baked/Roasted Veggies – If you’re using the oven during your food prep time, you might as well put a few potatoes in foil and throw them in! If you’re not a fan of potatoes, chop up a number of your favorite veggies and roast up a big pan.

  • You can make use of the potatoes for side dishes or a dinner that is quick.
  • Try adding roasted little bacon bits to your veggies for additional flavor! Add them to main dishes, salads, etc during the week!

7) Lean Proteins – If you’re a meat-eater, why don’t you cook your meat head of time at a lower price during the weeknights at the store .

  • Choose your favorites like chicken, salmon, meatloaf, burgers (veggie or meat) and take to baking, roasted or grilling them.
  • Use your crockpot to make some shredded chicken or try a Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken.
  • Utilize these proteins that are cooked the week in sandwich wraps, on salads, in casseroles, etc!

Hopefully, you are starting to understand that doing meal prep for the week in not hard. Learning how to meal prep for a week is easy!

8) Beans & Legumes – It’s still a good idea to then add plant-based proteins to your diet if you’re not an entirely plant-based eater. We buy dried beans, cook a whole bag at a time and freeze the extras. It is possible to do the same thing with lentils! Then simply pull them out when you really need them and add them to whatever you’re cooking.

  • You can add beans and legumes to casseroles and salads or use them to replace meat in your dishes that are favorite.

9) Soup – Soup is a good way to pack a great deal of nutrients into one meal that is easy.

  • Select broth that is low-sodium or better yet – make yours. You can make extra and freeze. Just defrost whenever needeMEAL PREP CONTAINERSd!
  • Add a lot of veggies! Frozen veggies work great in soup and are usually packed with nutrients.
  • Start using protein – choose your best meat or even some high-fiber beans or lentils.
  • Add some whole grains which you’d like!

10) Hard Boiled Eggs – These are superb for nearly any dinner. Cook them on the stove or use this tip to prepare them in the oven. I like to cook mine within my force cooker!

  • Eat them for breakfast with some peanut butter toast.
  • Grab a couple of for a snack in the afternoon.
  • Slice them up and add to salads for dinner or lunch!

In the meal prep 101 program you will find loads of other foods that you can meal prep for the week and how to properly meal prep…these healthy choices are just some of my staples that I move to week after week in my easy meal prep!

The are plenty of tools you can use like meal prep containers & meal prep bags you can check out to help you with your meal prepping. They have help me a great deal and I am sure they will help you as well!


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