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No this isn’t some new “everything is going to be perfect” pill, supplement or anything like that. Also, no its not a stun gun to issue you a little zap each time you get a bit of chocolate (despite the fact that this could be powerful… hmm?). What I’m going to uncover to you could actually improve your probability for staying with a strong meal prepping two fold.

What do you believe is the most obvious problem behind individuals trying to stay with their eating regimen? Before you answer this let me clear up that when I talk about “meal prep,” I’m not alluding to some ultra-low calorie diet. If that was the case then the problem would be easy to identify…it would be staying hungry!

IsoBag - Isolator Fitness - Meal Management BagsWhen I say “meal prep” I’m alluding to a steady eating regimen that is used with in conjunction with physical training to increase muscle improvement and fat loss. Not starving yourself but instead eating entire meals that are full of fuel and support the body at a cell level.

You hear what I’m saying… discarding the doughnuts and junk from the candy machine or fast food joint and changing to a primal diet.

The most obvious offender that wrecks individuals from keeping up on proper meal prepping can be summed up in single word…


The most important thing you can do that will have the most success with dietary changes is setting up your meals and snacks early. I know this sounds oversimplified, yet its the obvious truth. In every one of my years as a wellness mentor and expert I can say definitely that meal planning separates failure and success.

For as far back as of time that I can recall I’ve always filled a cooler to take to work. I began this ritual years back to take my mid-morning and mid-evening protein shakes with me. It was sometimes more important to me than my cell phone, I wouldn’t go out without it.

Throughout the years I’ve experienced many lunch box coolers. Some we’re too enormous, others too little, the modest ones didn’t keep the meals fresh for long, and so forth. So, I had to make it work, however I never truly discovered a cooler that I liked.

IsoBag - Isolator Fitness - Meal Management BagsNOT ANYMORE!

I recently found a meal management bag from a recommendation of a friend in my gym that I think is the most “bad ass” meal management bags of all for carrying dinners and snacks.

It’s called an “Isobag” from Isolator Fitness. This sack is particularly intended to store meal management containers, shaker bottles, water, and even contains a supplement organizer container. Not only is this the most well built and effective insulated lunch bag I’ve ever used, but it is designed to keep food fresh for a day and a half!

These meal management bags are somewhat more pricey than a conventional bag cooler, yet they’re worth it getting! Take it from me, somebody who’s experienced many coolers throughout the years. This is the BEST meal prep bag I’ve ever used.

When you consider what a meal prep bag like this permits you to do, the expense is a mild sacrifice. Hell, you’ll save a bunch of money meal prepping versus eating out consistently makes it justified.

What is more important its what this meal management bag helps you to do… stay with a consistent diet. If you battle getting in planned meals and snacks during the work week, this could be one of the best investments you’d ever make.

Plan for what you want. If you just eat whatever and whenever you want these poor decisions are liable to take a negative effect. Getting the body you want demands that you plan ahead to achieve your goals. It’s not about always being perfect, but instead improving little at a time!

I’ve said for quite a long time, and will keep saying, that what you eat is 80% or more to affect body composition. You can’t “out train” a terrible diet, plain and simple. Put in the right fuel and the right supplements and your body will change for the better.

I really suggest you look at this meal prep bag if you are serious about improving your body. It is really one of the best meal management bags in the market!

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I trust you’ve discovered this tip to be useful and instructive.


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