Best Meal Prep Containers

3 Meal Prep Containers That Make Your On-the-Go Diet Better

PLANNING YOUR MEALS – Eating when on the go can be difficult if you’re not properly equipped. When you’re trying to watch what you eat, whether you’re a fitness buff or someone just looking to stay healthy, being able to take food from home with you wherever you’re going is a real convenience. Meal prep containers can help you solve your eating issues by allowing you a place to pack and seal your favorite health foods to transport with you anywhere. They’re also great for storing leftovers from the food you cook! Here’s a selection of some popular food containers:


1. Isolator Fitness Isobag 16oz. ContainersIsoBag Meal Prep Containers

Isobag Containers are great for use on the go as they are stackable and the lids seal tightly closed. They are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and will not retain the smell of any foods you have stored inside once washed. These containers are large enough to fit a normal portion size of your healthy meals without spills and with the ease of stacking containers on top of each other in your bag. Any foods can be stored, even soups, because the seal is tight and sturdy. BPA-free plastic is used to make the Isobag Containers, meaning you can store food of any temperature and even heat these up in the microwave without worry. Isolator Fitness makes bags that are a perfect fit for these containers.

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2. 6 Pack Fitness Bag Meal ContainersSix Pack Fitness Meal Prep Containers

When you want something a little sturdier, Six Pack Bag Containers can be a good match for you. They’re made of a thicker plastic that is stronger and more durable, meaning you can take them almost anywhere with you and not have to worry about them opening up or spilling inside your bag. These containers have locks on both ends that create a tight seal and will stay firmly in place while you’re moving around. If you need an ideal place to carry them, Six Pack Fitness makes meal bags that will fit these containers and other Six Pack Bag meal prep containers perfectly. Containers are made with BPA-free plastic and are safe to use in the dishwasher or microwave.


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Fitmark Meal Prep Containers3. Fitmark Containers

Great for larger meals and leftovers storage, the Fitmark food containers are designed to heavy duty meals of all types. They have locking seals on all four sides. According to reviews about these containers, the locks are hard to manage in the beginning until they have been “worn in” a little, but the seal they create is completely spill proof and can resist bumps and falls. You can put these in your normal bag or purchase one of the Fitmark Bags that are made to accommodate this size and type of container. These are dishwasher and microwave safe containers.


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Don’t let food transportation or storage stand between you and a healthy eating plan. When you need your meals on the go, just put your food inside one of these great meal prep containers and head out the door to whatever you need to face that day.

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