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For so many people obesity has become a great worry. An unhealthy diet plan and not enough exercise with many other factors contribute to the obesity problem. AndMetabolic Diet it makes it harder to lose weight when junk food is readily available. I can be really confusing preparing your meals when trying to drop pounds and burn fat. Well, I really was having a hard time losing weight until I found a hassle free way to get my meal planning in order which allowed me to achieve my weight goal. For the past 9 months I have been following a cookbook that I have found online and it really taught me how to change the way I view food and to live a healthy meal prep way of life. Here is my honest review of the Metabolic Cooking Cookbook. In the last 9 months I learned a lot and I thought I would share with you.

Too Busy? Don’t Think You Can Fit In Metabolic Meal Prepping? Think Again!

Lose Weight

The Metabolic Cooking programme is an easy-to-follow diet guide and recipe cookbook that is geared toward a lifestyle of meal prepping. Follow this guide exactly the way it is presented. Stay the coarse and be committed, then your weight loss goals will be result oriented. Your body’s metabolic rate will get a boost and the burn burning will become easy than you think. It is not impossible to follow the advice of this recipe book and it will be perfect for those that live a fast paced lifestyle. You can very easily put all the instructions in the Metabolic Cookbook into action if you just got serious enough with your health and follow the instructions.


Meet The Authors


Karine Losier and Chef Dave Ruel, the creators of Metabolic Cooking affirm the value of a balanced meal prep life style and it can be mentioned without an inch of uncertainty that this eBook is an exceptional fit for a person that wants to become a healthy meal prepper. People call Karine Losier with the nickname ‘Lean Kitchen Queen’ and her background in culinary arts motivated the woman to develop revolutionary and path busting culinary techniques that challenge the common perceptions. She maintains clear cut idea about the emotional challenges that individuals have to cope with when it comes to eating habits, health, motivation and body image mainly because of her Master’s degree in psychology. Dave, Ruel, the co-author and life partner of Karine Losier also has in depth insights about healthy meal prep tips and he is frequently referred to by the nick name ‘The Muscle Cook”.

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Increase Metabolism



How does Metabolic Cooking Increase Energy & Burn Fat?Metabolic diet plans

Following healthy meal prep habits should be so confusing and complicated that it just frustrates you and you give up. This cookbook simplifies the process for you. Bottom line is that if you want to burn fat & have increased energy levels then you must follow program so you can raise you metabolic rate. Your metabolism starts with the thyroid. The foods in this cookbook jump starts and kicks you thyroid into high gear so that you can convert the food you eat into energy and reverse the stress hormone hypo-thyroid condition. This will stop calories from turning into fat. If you have a low metabolism (hypothyroid) then the thyroid can not convert the food therefore your hormonal balance get messed up and you start to live under a stressed state. This can lead to an array of problems with your health. When this happens the calories are stored, because you are under survival conditions and your brain thinks you are under threat so it will not use the food as energy because it is unsure how it is going to survive so it stores it for later just in case. A properly functioning thyroid coverts food into energy right away because it knows that you have been following a regular diet so your thyroid is not afraid to use it up as energy.


Major Advantages:

1) All diet recipes are simple and easy to prepare.

2) It eliminates the possibility of boredom because you can choose from more than 250 recipes.
3) Your meal prep lifestyle becomes highly result oriented because each recipe is explained with their nutritional profile in a detailed manner.
4) You can find a lot of vegetarian choices.
5) This diet plan follows a scientific method of approach and it is flexible as well.
6) The manufacturer offers a 60 day full refund guarantee program.



1) Since this product contains more than 20 eBooks, some people may find it confusing.

2) It may not go well with the extreme requirements of professional fitness freaks.



Look we understand that people’s opinions can help or hurt a product. The Metabolic Cooking Programme has received nothing but the highest ratings and positive feedback from all of it’s users. We strongly recommend just checking it out and getting started. It has helped me feel better, lose weight and even MOVE better. I am happier now as my moods are waaaay better. My family loves this part of the diet! Commit to a good program and you will see results. Sometimes we don’t follow diet programs because we HATE to “diet”….Trust me, this cookbook makes you fall in love with eating the right way….and you will have fun with it.




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