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ISOGALLON holds up to a gallon of liquid in a reusable BPA-FREE plastic which allows you to quench your thirst knowing that you are free of chemicals. ISOGALLON has a built in handle which allows you to carry with ease and is more durable than a regular milk jug. ISOGALLON also has a screw cap that securely fastens to the top.


  • Cap-size – 48mm screw cap
  • Prop 65 ( Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act)
  • More durable than a regular milk jug
  • Reusable
  • Fits perfectly into the ISOJUG (sold seprately)
  • Air dry ONLY

*It is HIGHLY recommended that you DO NOT freeze liquids inside the GALLON, a side effect of being BPA-FREE is that the GALLON looses flexibility when below a certain temperature and the expanding liquids can cause it to crack.